As one of the smallest universities in Alabama, people often wonder what makes the University of West Alabama stand out from the rest. What is it that makes people want to attend or work here? One is bound to get multiple different answers depending on whom you speak with.

Here are 10 things that stand out the most about the University of West Alabama.

1.UWA was once an all-female school

The University of West Alabama began as a church-supported school for women.The original name was Livingston Female Academy. The school was incorporated by the Alabama Legislature on Jan. 15, 1840.

Interesting fact: In 1847, the cost to attend Livingston Female Academy was $20.00 per term.
2.The Covered Bridge

The covered bridge, also known as the Alamuchee-Bellamy Bridge, is located on the UWA campus behind Reed Hall over the duck pond. It was originally built in 1861, and was moved to the UWA campus in 1971. It is one of 11 historical covered bridges left in Alabama.

Also, just last week, the Covered Bridge received a large facelift, taking the fear of falling through and into the water out of college kids’ minds.
3.The Livingston Press

The Livingston Press was founded in 1982 as a means to publish regional authors. It has been extended to publish books by regional authors, southern literature, and regional history.

Students at the university can obtain work study jobs in the press, as well as earn class credit. Jobs can include designing book covers, setting up social media pages, editing novels and even designing postcards to send out to the community on the books to come.
4.The Diversity

UWA compiled data shows that the student body is quite diverse, including students who are Latino/Hispanic, American-Indian, Asian, Black/African American, Native Hawaiian, and White-Non Hispanic.

Also, the amount of international students that attend UWA is astonishing. Around every corner you can meet someone from England, Croatia, Brazil and even Australia.
5.Low Tuition

Compared to all other universities in the state of Alabama, UWA’s tuition is the cheapest four-year university. Also, it offers an extensive range of grants, scholarships, and loans to help with education goals.

6.NFL Players

UWA has 13 football players that have gone on to have NFL careers. Malcolm Butler, cornerback/safety for the New England Patriots, is commonly remembered for his game-winning interception in the 2015 Super Bowl XLIX. Butler finished his collegiate career at West Alabama.

Other recent UWA football players who turned pro include Tyreek Hill, Seth Roberts and Ridge Wilson.

7.Touch of Home Bakery

Touch of Home Bakery is a popular eatery in Livingston. The bakery has received rave reviews from just about every student who has taken the trip right off campus to the best local lunch spot in town. Students, staff and visitors enjoy their cooking—especially “Taco Salad Thursdays” and their banana nut muffins toppers.

8.Lake LU

Lake LU is 54 acres and is a great location where families can go and enjoy a sunny Saturday afternoon. The on-campus location provides fishing and boating opportunities, as well as activities for picnics, reunions, and other occasions.

The Nature Trails are also a popular attraction located around the lake. Some of Alabama’s rarest plants grow there and it is part of the Black Belt Prairie that is slowly disappearing.

9.Black Belt Gardens

Like the Nature Trails, the Black Belt Gardens are sources of plants that are native to the Black Belt and West Alabama. The gardens serve to teach people about UWA’s connection to the Black Belt. The gardens are located on campus near Wallace Hall.

10.Black Belt Museum

The Black Belt Museum is dedicated to the idea that the Black Belt is a region with a unique culture and geography that needs more recognition. The museum is sponsored by UWA, headquartered in Land Hall, and can be found downtown by Dollar General.

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