The 2016 Presidential Debate and College Students

Out of all of the questions answered, or danced around, during Monday nights Presidential debate, the main one for college students around the nation has to be how the new president will affect them.

The past two presidential elections are one that some of today’s college students weren’t even old enough to participate in. In the year of the early stages of twitter and Instagram, American citizens gathered at the poll and elected Barack Obama as the nation’s president.

Luckily enough, Obama was voted president the following year for his second consecutive term.

Now, in the year 2016, college students everywhere will gather to cast their ballot for the new president of the United States of America. For most college students, attending a university out of their home state is nothing new.

For some, this can present a problem when it comes time to vote in November. No fear college students, there is a wonderful option called absentee voting that can help you make sure your vote counts.

There are a few requirements for absentee voting that all students who will not be in their home county should be aware of. Voters may cast an absentee ballot if he or she:

  • Will be absent from the county on election day
  • Is ill or has a physical disability that prevents a trip to the polling place
  • Is a registered voter living outside of their county, such as a member of the armed forces, a voter employed outside the United States, a college student, or a spouse or child of such a person
  • Is an appointed election officer or poll watcher at a polling place other than his or her regular polling place
  • Works a required shift, 10-hours or more, that coincides with polling hours

To obtain an absentee ballot, write or visit the local Absentee Election Manager, request an absentee ballot, and provide the following:

  • Name and residential address (or other such information in order to verify voter registration)
  • Election for which the ballot is requested
  • Reason for absence from polls on election day
  • Party choice, if the election is a party primary. (It is not necessary to give a party choice for a general election; however, in a party primary a voter may participate in only one political party’s primary; thus a choice must be designated so that the appropriate ballot can be provided. If the voter declines or fails to designate a choice for a primary or primary runoff ballot, the absentee election manager may send only the ballot for constitutional amendments.)
  • Address to which the ballot should be mailed
  • Voter signature (If a mark is made in place of a signature, it must be witnessed)

If the absentee ballot application is approved, the Absentee Election Manager will:

  • Forward the absentee ballot by U.S. Mail, or
  • Personally hand the absentee ballot to the voter (or to a designee in the case of emergency voting)

The absentee ballot comes with three envelopes. These include one plain (the secrecy envelope), one with an affidavit, or oath, printed on the outside, and one plain envelope, preaddressed (the outer envelope). Once the voter casts the ballot, the procedure is as follows:

  • Seal the ballot in the plain envelope
  • Place the plain envelope inside the accompanying affidavit envelope
  • Seal the affidavit envelope and complete the affidavit that is on the outside of the envelope
  • Sign the affidavit and have the signature witnessed by either a notary public or two witnesses 18 years of age or older
  • Place the affidavit envelope and a COPY of voter identification inside the outer envelope
  • Remember to place a photo copy of your I.D. inside the outer envelope

Remember that your vote counts and it is important to register to vote. Presidential elections affect everyone, not only those in the United States. It is important to stay current and informed so that you can make the appropriate and educated choice when casting your vote.

Get Ready to Vote!

Homecoming activities are approaching the students, faculty, and staff at The University of West Alabama. Whenever homecoming approaches the excitement to meet and vote for the homecoming queen is one of the most exciting activities.

This year UWA has twenty young ladies running for one of the following three positions: freshman maid, sophomore maid, and homecoming queen.

Leighanna Chadwick is a nursing major from Silas, Alabama competing to be the 2016 Freshman Maid. I am a Phi (future member) of Phi Mu Fraternity. I attended South Choctaw Academy where I played basketball, softball, and was a cheerleader. My hobbies include playing sports, shopping, watching football, and spending time with my friends and family.

Autumn Daniel is a psychology major from Helena, Alabama competing to be the 2016 Freshman Maid. I love spending time with my sorority sisters, helping others, and meeting new people! “I’ve never really been nominated for homecoming court so I’m very excited to be on the ballot!”

Bethany Newton is an eighteen-year-old Elementary Education with a minor in Special Education from Dickinson, Alabama competing to be the 2016 Freshman Maid. She is a member of Alpha Sigma Alpha, Phi Boota Roota, and the University of West Alabama’s Dance Line. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with family and friends and volunteering in my community.

Katlene Saliba is a Biology Comprehensive Pre-Vet major from Demopolis, Al competing to be the 2016 Sophomore Maid. She is a sister of Phi Mu, member of Tri Beta and Sigma Lambda. She also is an ambassador here on campus! She spends most of my free time reading, watching movies, or hanging out with friends.

MacKenzie Shaw is a Biology Comp Pre-Vet major from Alabaster, AL competing to be the 2016 Freshman Maid. Shaw volunteers at the Livingston animal hospital.

Abby Coley is an Environmental Science major from Pensacola, Florida competing to be the 2016 Sophomore Maid. She is a sister of Alpha Sigma Alpha, Vice President of the Panhellenic Council and apart of the B.O.S.S. Scholars program.

Tiffany Willis is a Junior majoring in Sociology: Criminal Justice Track, minoring in Social Work. Willis is from Birmingham, AL competing to be the 2016 Homecoming Queen. Her activities include Resident Assistant for Stickney Hall, SGA College of Liberal Arts Senator, Student Support Services, Active Minds, and Softball Intramurals.

Sherrel Elaine Keith is a Senior majoring in Business Administration from Montevallo, AL competing to be the 2016 Homecoming Queen. She is the President of Enactus, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. Secretary, Alpha Phi Omega Service VP, SGA Senior Senator, UWA Orientation Leader/ Ambassador, former UWA Star of Alabama, and former UWA Choir member. She loves to sing, dance, and draw-art is my form of self-expression.

Elizabeth Jones is a Junior Elementary Education Major from Tuscaloosa, AL competing to be the 2016 Homecoming Queen. On campus she is a member of Kappa Delta Pi Honor Society, Phi Mu Fraternity, the UWA Cheerleading Captain, Orientation Leader, Ambassador, the student leadership council, and a UWA Cares Peer Mentor.

Tranquil Shepherd is a Senior Accounting major from Greensboro, Alabama competing to be the 2016 Homecoming Queen. She enjoys singing, dancing, and having fun with others.

Allie Tittle is a Senior Integrated Marketing Communications Major from Gardendale, Alabama competing to be the 2016 Homecoming Queen. Tittle is the Marketing Director for the Campus Activities Board. She serves on SGA’s EC as Public Relations Chair. Tittle also is on Phi Mu’s EC as the Membership Director and also their Public Relations chair,  member of the marketing club, a UWA Diamond Doll, and graphic designer for UWA’s housing office.

Callie Rochelle Murphy is a Senior majoring in Integrated Marketing and Communications with a sports track from Linden, Michigan, which is about 14 hours away from UWA, competing to be the 2016 Homecoming Queen. She is a member and captain of the UWA volleyball team and some of her favorite hobbies are sports reporting, watching ESPN, eating and painting.

Haley Elizabeth Sizemore is from Vestavia Hills, Alabama. She is a Junior majoring in Elementary Education, competing to be the 2016 Homecoming Queen. Here at UWA she is an ambassador, an orientation leader, a member of Phi Eta Sigma, and a sister of Phi Mu Fraternity. When she is not in class you can find her working in the Admissions Office on campus or at Sumter Academy working in the daycare. UWA means so much to me because everyone goes the extra mile to make you feel like you are a part of one big family.

Karissa Solorzana is a Senior majoring in Psychology with a minor in special education from Saint Cloud Florida competing to be the 2016 Homecoming Queen. She runs cross country and track for the university.

Savannah Reach is a Senior majoring in Conservation and Field Biology from Centreville, Alabama competing to be the 2016 Homecoming Queen. She is currently president of Omicron Delta Kappa Leadership Honor Society, Secretary of Cardinal Key Honor Society, Treasurer of Phi Boota Roota Percussion Fraternity and a Resident Assistant in Gilbert Hall. She is also a member of Blue Key Honor Society, The Scarlet Band from Tiger Land, and Alpha Sigma Tau sorority. In her free time, she loves to nap with her cat Felix and spend time on the nature trails!

The ladies above are those running to be a part of the 2016 homecoming court and Queen. Voting begins Monday and ends Tuesday at 3 PM.

“If you are enrolled at UWA this semester for at least 6 hours on the Livingston Campus as an undergraduate or graduate student, you are encouraged to vote in the current Homecoming Election.  To cast your ballot, please follow the link below: After following the link select “Homecoming Court” from the list of Elections.” Jason Gardener, Director of Student Activities.

“We are excited to announce that we will be bringing back an old Homecoming tradition.  This year’s Homecoming Queen will be announced at halftime of the Homecoming Football Game, October 08th. The Court will be announced September 27th and recognized at Serendipity along with the Queen Candidates.”

Do You Really Know Your Roommate?

On Thursday, September 22, the Residence Hall Association at the University of West Alabama tested their residences to see how well they knew their roommate. “So You Think You Know Your Roommate,” hosted by RHA was held in Wallace Auditorium with ten groups participating in the event.

The RHA president, Kayla Holcombe said, “We had a lot of participants. We let a few groups show up and sign up at the door, but we did not expect so many people to come and participant.”

The ten groups would all compete against each other in three rounds. At the end of the three rounds, the RHA judges saw who earned the most points to go on to the championship round. The winner with the most points moves on the championship round and gain a chance to win a $20 dollar gift card for Sonic drive-in restaurant.

Amber Reed and Bianca Weatherspoon, juniors, won the championship round.

Reed and Weatherspoon said, “We had a minor setback for a major comeback. We are going to go celebrate and go show this off to our other roommates.”

The first round tested the roommates’ ability to work together. One roommate throws marshmallows in the other roommate’s mouth for 45 seconds. One RHA judge per group would watch the contestant to see how many marshmallows the roommate would catch and record the point.

The second round tested the roommates’ memory of each other. Roommate A would go outside the auditorium, while roommate B stays inside to answer questions about the roommate that have left the room. Each roommate would be given five questions. When both roommates are done with their questions, Roommate A would return the room to see how many answers roommate B got right.

The finally round would also question the memory of roommates. The roommates would sit back to back in chairs and the host will ask questions about Roommate A or B while both roommates would write the answer down on a board. The RHA judges would make sure their answers match each other and there was no cheating as well. One of the questions would be a bonus question that would be worth more points than the rest.

Vice President of RHA programs, Vanessa Gulley said, “I felt like it was a rocky start, but once we got the flow of the event it turned into a real fun event. I wanted to think of ways for the players to be active instead of just sitting down in chairs. I wanted to also find ways so they wouldn’t be able to cheat.”

The championship round was the same as the third round but instead of five questions, it is ten questions.

RHA will be having an upcoming event in October which will be a Fashion Show. All the details have not been flush out, but it will be in Bibb Graves Auditorium. More details will be given out about the fashion show in October.

Career Expo and Beyond

On Wednesday, September 21, The University of West Alabama held a Career Expo from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. The Career Expo gave students a chance to plan for their futures.

Tammy White said, “The Expo is a great opportunity for students to connect with a variety of employers. With 36 employers and 6 graduate/professional schools participating along with UWA Colleges, students had an opportunity to explore internships, jobs, and career paths or gain advice about applying for graduate school.”

The event was held in two places this year. The Bell Conference Center was set up with employers looking for employees and the Tutwiler Conference Center, which is located in Lyon Hall, had graduate schools as well as our own school.

Linda Goodson, Director of Admissions and Enrollment for the Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine said, “We actually have a couple of students from [UWA] in our school, and they are very good students. It’s a great opportunity for us to come and meet students about their careers.”

Thomas Ausborn, AmeriCorps VISTA of the United Way of West Alabama said, “I feel it’s been a very good opportunity for me and my organization to gain many volunteers or maybe coworkers for the Bright Minds Reading Program.”

The Career Expo had many businesses, government, and non-profit agencies from different parts of Alabama and Mississippi. Students gain the opportunity to have jobs, internships, or gain information about the business or have a place to go to for graduate school. UWA students did not need to be dressed in business attire for this event, but some businesses prefer for some students to dress up for the occasion.

Tammy White said, “Employers noted the attitude and professionalism of students was impressive. Some noted they had made good contacts. We encourage students to follow up with employers to make the most of the information they received at the expo. We appreciate each employer and graduate school who made the trip to Livingston and spent time here to meet with UWA students.”

If a student did not get a chance to go to the career expo or see the desired schools, they can schedule an appointment with Career Services and seek to attend future events on campus or promoted by Career Services to help them connect with employers or graduate schools. Career Services, also, will help prepare students to reach out to an employer or graduate school of their choice. They believe in preparation to be the key to success.

“The Secret Life of Pets” fails to deliver

The Secret Life of Pets” is a movie for small kids, but not anyone else

Like an animal that bares its teeth but never bites, “The Secret Life of Pets” has a great set up, but fails to deliver.

While the cute character designs and attempts at humor might appeal to much younger audiences, any adults watching the movie with your children might find themselves dozing off as the movie continues.

The movie’s main character, Max, starts the movie by discussing how great his life is as a pet before his owner leaves the apartment to go about their day. Once that happens, his other animal friends visit and they begin to interact.

Then, Max’s owner comes home with a second dog, named Duke, causing Max to become jealous, like a kid who now has a younger sibling that takes attention away from them.

Both of the dogs begin to fight, which results in their collars being stolen by a group of alley cats.

Now collarless, animal control arrives and picks up the pair. Duke expresses worry about going back to the pound before the vehicle that is carrying them gets stopped and ambushed by animals.

Freed from their cages under the pretense that they hate humans like the animals that attacked the vehicle, they are lead into the sewers to join their group.

However, their identities as pets are exposed and the two flee, chased by the gang of animals. Meanwhile, Max’s friends begin a rescue search for him after they realize he has vanished.

The Secret Life of Pets” is a movie with a wonderful set up. As Max gives his narration at the beginning, meets up with his friends, and is then introduced to Duke, it seems as though the movie will be something reminiscent of “Toy Story.”

However, it is not. Instead, it is more like a knockoff that fails horribly.

The conflict between Max and Duke doesn’t actually create anything interesting, and any character development that happens is sudden and without reason.

An example of this comes from Snowball, the bunny leader that wants to kill all humans. At the end of the movie, for literally no reason, he suddenly experiences a complete paradigm shift and lets himself be adopted by a human child just because she picked him up and started petting him.

Another problem with the movie is that some scenes simply do not make sense.

One such scene is when Max and Duke go into a sausage factory where, upon consuming a large number of sausages, go on a sausage-induced drug trip. It’s a scene that has literally no purpose. Nothing comes from the sausage trip, and it is not mentioned ever again in the rest of the movie.

The Secret Life of Pets” is a movie that tries to do a lot of things. It tries to be funny, endearing, cute, and tell a story of two individuals learning to get along. However, it simply fails to do any of these particularly well.

Its humor falls flat, heartwarming moments are poorly executed, and the main plot line just has terrible writing. While it might certainly keep kids entertained well enough, for any hoping to get a good experience out of this as an adult should look elsewhere.

The Secret Life of Pets” will be playing in the University Cinema from September 23-29

Tigers Sweep the Wolves in Conference Play

Coming off their home loss to West Florida, the University of West Alabama volleyball team hosted the West Georgia Wolves in Pruitt Hall on September 22 at 7 PM. The Tigers swept the Wolves 3-0 giving them an overall record of 8-4 and 2-2 in conference play.

Junior Briana Sandifer and sophomore Taylin McCarver tied for most kills with 12 each.

“It feels really good to be one of the top scorers,” McCarver said. “I came in with a little bit of an injury but tried to work my tail off, and it paid off.”

The Tigers took the first set 25-22. In the second set the Tigers struggled to hold on to the lead with five lead changes. They ended up winning the set 25-16. In the final set the Tigers took control beating the Wolves 25-12.

“Today we came out and we really listened to the game plan,” McCarver said. “Last week we kind of struggled, but this week we really pushed through and fought.”

Senior Abby Ames lead the team defensively with 10 digs.  Senior Callie Murphy lead with 35 assists and senior Yanesha Johnson was third in team kills with 8.

The Tigers will take to the road September 24 to take on Mississippi College. First serve will be at 1 PM.


Smithsonian Traveling Exhibition Celebrating Sports in American Communities is in Livingston

Baseball. Soccer. Golf. Bowling. Rodeo. Surfing. People around the country are drawn to compete in these sports and many others. Still more gather on the sidelinesto cheer for their favorite athletes and teams. No where do Americans more intimately connect to sports than in their hometowns.

The University of West Alabama, in cooperation with Alabama Humanities Foundation, will celebrate this connection as it hosts “Hometown Teams: How Sports Shape America,” a traveling exhibition fromthe Smithsonian’s Museum on Main Street program. “Hometown Teams” will be on view September 15 through October 31, 2016.

The University of West Alabama and the surrounding community has been expressly chosen by the Alabama Humanities Foundation to host “HometownTeams” as part of the Museum on Main Street program—a national/state/local partnership to bring exhibitions and programs to rural cultural organizations. The exhibition will tour six communities in Alabama from Gadsden through Enterprise; an itinerary is attached, and a short video about the exhibition can be viewedat

“Hometown Teams” will capture the stories that unfold on the neighborhood fields and courts, and the underdog heroics, larger-than-life legends, fierce rivalries and gut-wrenching defeats. For more than 100 years, sports have reflected the trials and triumphs of the American experience and helped shape the national character. Whether it is professional sports or those played on the collegiate or scholastic level, amateur sports or sports played by kids on the local playground, sports are everywhere in America.

“We are very pleased to be able to bring ‘Hometown Teams’ to our area,” said Dr. Tina Jones, Executive Director of the Division of Economic Development and Outreach. “It allows us the opportunity to explore this fascinating aspect of our own region’s sports history and we hope that it will inspire many to become even more involved in the cultural life of our community.”

“Allowing all of our state’s residents to have access to the cultural resources of our nation’s premiere museum is a priority of the Alabama Humanities Foundation,” said Armand DeKeyser, Executive Director. “With this special tour, we are pleased to be working with the University of West Alabama and Sumter County to help develop local exhibitions and public programs to compliment the Smithsonian exhibition.”

Such free events include the local exhibit, “Small Town, Big Impact” which highlights UWA and Sumter County sports history including a Wall of Honor, public programs will be held every Tuesday at 6 p.m. about such topics as sports and American Society, Negro baseball league archaeology sites, player safety and concussions, and a workshop on how to preserve your sports memorabilia.

Museum on Main Street invites the public to share their local sports stories through the “Stories from Main Street” website at or through the free mobile app available from the Mac App Store or the Google Play Store. Both platforms record and map the location reflected in the submission and willaccept written and audio stories as well as videos and photos. Selected submitted stories to “Stories from Main Street” will be featured on the website and app. The archived stories will serve as a searchable record of the unique experiences of life in American small towns. Each story can be searched via location or by topic.

Hometown Teams: How Sports Shape America” is part of Museum on Main Street, a unique collaboration between the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service (SITES), state humanities councils across the nation, and local host institutions. To learn more about New Harmonies and other Museum on Main Streetexhibitions, visit

Support for Museum on Main Street has been provided by the United States Congress. SITES has been sharing the wealth of Smithsonian collections andresearch programs with millions of people outside Washington, D.C., for more than 60 years. SITES connects Americans to their shared cultural heritagethrough a wide range of exhibitions about art, science, and history, which are shown wherever people live, work and play. For exhibition description and tourschedules, visit

Time to Vote

The nominees for the 2016-2017 Homecoming Court have been announced. The nominees for Freshman Maid are:

Leighanna Chadwick

Autumn Daniel

Bethany Newton

Jayda Roberts

Mackenzie Shaw


The nominees for Sophomore Maid are:

Abigail Coley

BreAnna Johnson

Taylin McCarver

Guadalupe Meza

Kathlene Saliba


The nominees for Queen are:

Erin Jimerson

Elizabeth Jones

Sherrel Keith

Callie Murphy

Savannah Reach

Tranquile Shepherd

Haley Sizemore

Karissa Solorzano

Allie Tittle

Tiffany Willis


Nominees have several days to campaign before voting begins on September 26.

College Campuses and Sexual Assault

Underage drinking, over-consumption, drug experimentation, and unsupervised parties—could college campuses be the feeding ground for sexual assault?

With the recent uproar over Stanford rapist, Brock Turner, being released after serving only half of his six month sentence for sexually assaulting an unconscious female on university grounds shining a light on college assaults, one must wonder if College campuses like ours are the new preying ground for sexual predators.

Jeffrey Manuel, UWA Chief of Police, gave some insight on how to prevent situations that can lead to sexual assault.

“It is important for students to be aware of their surroundings,” said Manuel. “We encourage students to stay alert and to not be texting or on their phones while walking on campus.”

Most everyone knows that sexual assault is any sexual activity performed without consent from both parties.

No means no, and if someone is unconscious or unable to say “yes” or “no,” that is also considered assault according to Manuel.

“We are really trying to control the consumption of our students,” Manuel said. “It makes us seem like the bad guys, but if it saves one student from sexual assault then it is worth it.”

According to a study by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, the US source for crime statistics, one in four women experience sexual assault in college.

The same study also found that rapes that occur on college campuses typically go unreported, with only 12.5 percent reporting their assaults.

The Campus Police force encourages anyone who is or has been the victim of sexual assault to report the incident. In most incidences, when one victim comes forward then other victims begin to speak up according to campus police.

“Sexual offenders will continue to assault until they are stopped,” Manuel said. “I encourage anyone who has been the victim of sexual assault to come forward so that the perpetrators can be punished.”

UWA students have started to arm themselves with new security devices to take their own stance in self-defense. The new ROBOCOPP is a small, but powerful SOS alarm that can emit up to 120 decibels, which is enough startle and deter an attacker.

The Campus Police have a phone number that is serviced seven days a week for 24 hours. If you or someone you know has been the victim of sexual assault please call (205) 652-3602.

How to Use Pokémon Go’s Buddy System

For those of you that play Pokémon Go, you may or may not be aware of the buddy system and how it works.

This feature lets you assign a Pokémon to be your “buddy.” When assigned as your buddy, a Pokémon will get a free candy for it after you walk a certain distance.

Assigning a Pokémon to be your buddy is simple once you know how to actually do it, but if you don’t, you might not ever notice it.

In order to make a Pokémon your buddy, you tap on your character’s icon in the lower left corner then tap on the three lines at the bottom right corner when the next menu opens up. A couple options will appear, so you just tap on Buddy and you can assign what ever Pokémon you want.

A fun fact about this system, is that if you make Pikachu your buddy, after you walk 10 Kms, they will appear and ride on your shoulder, just like with Ash in the cartoon and comics.

So, once you have your buddy set, all you have to do now is just get walking and the candies will start coming in.

Get Ready to go to the Career Expo

Did you ever wonder what you might do after college or are you worried about your chances of getting a job? The Career Expo here at the University of West Alabama is a great opportunity for the students here.

The Career Expo will have businesses, government and non-profit agencies and UWA colleges. This is a great time for students to check out jobs, internships, or gain information about the business or school. UWA students will need to dress in business attire for this event.

The Career Expo for UWA will be held on Wednesday, September 21 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. The event will be in two places this year. The Bell Conference Center will have employers looking for employees and the Tutwiler Conference Center, which is located in Lyon Hall, will have Graduate Schools as well as our own schools as well.

For more information on the Career Expo, students can go to  This is not the final list of people to come, but so far this is who UWA has coming to the event:


AL College of Osteopathic Medicine – – all majors

Faulkner University School of Law – – all majors

Mississippi College School of Law – – all majors

The University of Alabama School of Social Work – – Social Work

UAB School of Nursing – – all majors

UAB School of Public Health – – all majors

UWA College of Business

UWA College of Education

UWA College of Liberal Arts

UWA School of Graduate Studies

UWA Online Programs


AIDT (AL Industrial Development Training) – – all majors

Alabama Department of Corrections – – all majors

Alabama Department of Human Resources

Alabama Department of Revenue – – Accounting, Finance, Business

Alabama Power Company – – Business, Accounting

Alabama Rural Ministry – – all majors

Asurion – – Business, IT

CEMEX – – Industrial

DCH Health System – – Nursing, IT

Express Employment Professionals – – Business, Nursing, Biology, Welding, Electrical, and Plumbing

Federal Bureau of Investigation – – all majors

Hol-Mac Corporation – – Industrial Tech, Engineering

Indian Rivers Mental Health Clinic – – Counseling, Psychology, Social Sciences, Social Work

Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office – – all majors

Lyons HR – – Business, HR, Industrial

McElroy Truck Lines – – all majors

Mary Kay Cosmetics – – all majors

Mercedes-Benz – – all majors

Mississippi Department of Corrections – all majors

Naheola Credit Union – – Marketing, IT

Pennebaker dba Ashley Home Store – – all majors

Plastipak Packaging – – Industrial Maintenance

Prystup Packaging Products –

Regions Bank – – all majors

Robertson Banking Company – – Business

Sheraton and Westin Birmingham – – all majors

St. of AL Personnel Department – – all majors

The Westervelt Company – – Business, Accounting, Industrial Maintenance

Tombigbee Healthcare Authority – – Nursing

United Way of West Alabama – – all majors

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers – Science

Vector Marketing/Cutco – – Business, Marketing

Waffle House – – all majors

West AL Mental Health Board – – Nursing, Human Services

WestRock –

Tigers Sweep Blazers in Volleyball Home Opener

The University of West Alabama volleyball team held their home opener on Friday, September 16 in Pruitt Hall. The Tigers swept the Valdosta State Blazers 3-0 giving them their first Gulf South Conference win.

The Tigers never fell behind in the first set leading the blazers in a 25-21 win. In the second set, the Tigers tied with the Blazers 20-20 after being behind 5 points, but eventually pulled out a 25-22 win. The third set brought many lead changes and the Tigers struggled to get the sweep with a 25-23 victory.

“This was a huge step for UWA,” senior Callie Murphy said. “I definitely felt a difference here tonight. It’s the first time that our team’s been able to play on our home court, and we finally showed out.”

Key players in Friday’s match were seniors Yanesha Johnson leading the team with 14 kills and 11 digs and Murphy leading with 39 assists.

This win brings UWA’s overall record to 7-3, and the Blazers fall to 3-6 in overall play.

“We were down nine points and still were able to pull out a victory which is a huge step from last year’s team,” Murphy said. “I am so excited for the future ahead.”

The Tigers will be back in Pruitt Hall Thursday, September 22 at 7 PM to take on the West Georgia Wolves.