“The Rocky Horror Picture Show” Is Strange, Confusing, And Oddly Entertaining

Watching “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” requires one to be willing to experience something strange, something “out-there.” The plot to the movie is confusing, and the visuals can leave one wondering what they just saw over and over again.

The movie starts out with a newly engaged couple lost and with a flat tire in Ohio. Looking for a telephone, they enter a castle where they discover an “Annual Transylvania Convention.”

Shortly after, Dr. Frank N. Furter pulls them into his strange world, declaring himself a “sweet transvestite from Transsexual, Transylvania”

From there, Dr. Frank does such things as bringing a muscleman named Rocky to life, seducing both the husband and wife separately using the same lines, and killing a biker with an ice pick.

Overall, the movie suffers from a weak plot. While the characters have quite a lot of personality to them, the near-constant musical numbers prevent an interesting story from being made. One such example of this is when there was a series of back-to-back songs with only a couple lines of dialogue between each one.

Though the songs were mostly nice, there is such a concept as too much of a good thing.

Overall, “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” can be entertaining if you like things that are meant to be “out there.” However, you might need to just let go of everything and go along for the ride to get some enjoyment out of it.

West Alabama Volleyball team defeats UAH Chargers

West Alabama Volleyball team defeated the UAH Chargers with a victorious win in Pruitt Gymnasium, Monday with the help of two players Briana Sandifer and Yaneshsa Johnson.

UWA struggled for a while, in the first set trailing 18 – 12, but quickly stepped up ending the set with a 26-24 win. Then the Tigers take on set two dominating the Chargers. UWA wins 25 – 18 making a winning 2-0 thus far.

“Our defense made great plays to keep rallies going, and that really gave us the momentum to climb out of several ruts. We kept them off-balance with our attack by varying our look and utilizing players in different roles. I think this will really boost our confidence moving forward.”

“We made a lot of changes as far as moving players around on the court,” UWA head coach Alexis Meeks said. “Although we looked a little shaky at times, we kept moving forward and found a way to fight back.”

UAH would not let UWA get the win the third set. They thought smart and played going back and forth with the Tigers. The set was tied 24 – 24. The tigers failed to grab the win giving the win to the Chargers, 26 – 24.

UAH players Kristen Giles and Haley Hop led the Chargers with 27 digs.

Nevertheless, UWA came back strong in the fourth set, sealing the victories win in the Gulf South Conference against UAH with 25 -20.

Johnson and Sandifer leds the Tiger to the win with a combination of 43 kills. Along with that Abby Ames, Sandifer, and Johnson had a  combined amount of 54 digs.

The Tigers will take on Valdosta State Friday beginning at 6 p.m. which starts the GSC contest.

Hawks Best Tigers In Soccer Game

In a close game against the Shorter University Hawks that ended 1-0. Shorter’s Jordan Estio scored the winning goal in the second half of the game after several close attempts from both sides.

“They didn’t make the game easy for us,” UWA head coach Matthey Thorne said. “We were taught we were our own worst enemy today.”

While the Tigers managed to do well most of the game, they struggled to finish scoring after setting up several shots.

The winning shot Estio made was the only one he made the entire game after the ball was passed to him and he beat the keeper to the lower right corner, scoring for the Hawks and giving them the advantage that they held on to for the rest of the game.

The Tigers next game will be an away game, traveling to Mobile, Alabama to have a game against Spring Hill College on Friday.

Miss UWA

The University of West Alabama held an interest meeting for the Miss UWA Pageant on October 13, 2016.

Jason Gardener, Director of Student Activities, said, “We want to give these girls an experience they will remember. The opportunity to work on interviews and showcase their talents. We have 19 participants right now, but we may gain a couple or we may lose a couple. I’m excited for the group. I think they are some great young ladies that will represent the university very well.”

There will be preparations for this annual Miss UWA Pageant. Productions are undergoing immediately after the interest meeting and any student who wants to participate can join. Gardener wants students to understand that this pageant can lead to growth for the girls and he wants the girls to conduct their selves in a professional manner and have fun as well.

Gardener said, “We will start November 2nd with practices and we will go through all production, and during that time we will go through on stage questions and we will have people working with them on their interviews. This is open to whoever wants to participate, as long as they come to practice and get their paper work turned in.”

Last year winner of the Miss UWA pageant was Sarah Neill. Neill is a junior in integrated marketing communications major. Neill’s platform was Buckle Up For Beth and her mission was to raise awareness on the importance of wearing a seatbelt.

Kennedi Sanders, junior, was named the swimsuit winner and second runner up, and Tranquil Shepherd, senior, was named first runner up.

If any other UWA students will like to participate or just ask any questions about the Miss UWA Pageant, they can go see Jason Gardener in his office in the Student Union Building 203C or 203D. They can as well, go to Danielle Miller in 203D to talk about the pageant as well. Contact Gardener via e-mail at dgardner@uwa.edu.

“Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children” Is As Tim Burton As It Gets

A movie with a darkly entertaining style befitting the director Tim Burton, “Miss Peregrine” does well to impress with its visuals, though the story aspects can leave one feeling a bit wanting.

But hey, at least there is a skeleton army fighting invisible tentacle monsters in it.

The movie follows Jacob “Jake” Portman as his close relationship with his grandfather, and the stories he told him as a child, pulls him into an entirely different side of the world he had no idea existed.

After his grandfather is killed by a creature nobody else can see, Jake started looking for answers and closure about the whole thing.

This would lead him to Wales, where he would discover the titular childrens home and be brought into the world of “peculiars,” people special powers and traits that separate them from normal people.

The film, overall, is what one might expect from Tim Burton with its dark and often unsettling style. Even when there are no antagonistic monsters in sight, the film makes one feel a bit uneasy while also eliciting laughter at the same time.

Perhaps the biggest thing to note are the film’s visuals. Burton makes excellent use of lighting, using it to make peaceful or happy moments bright and cheerful, while also making tense or even scary times dark and unsettling.

Then there are the Hollows, invisible creatures which only Jake and his grandfather are capable of seeing. These creatures are properly spooky, looking like horrible, gross abominations straight out of a psychological horror series.

However, while style is movie’s strongest point, substance can be lacking. A lot of the characters lack much in the way of depth.

Most of the characters don’t have any sort of goals, finding themselves without much in the way of personality to them outside of a single trait, such as liking clothes or not doing anything at all.

Even with this, though, the movie manages to entertain well enough with its wonderful style and strangeness. However, you might end up realizing how forgettable some characters are as you struggle to even remember the names and traits of some characters.

Bonfire is a Highlight of Homecoming Week

UWA Homecoming traditions held true this year with the bonfire and fireworks pep rally on Thursday night. The event featured the UWA Scarlet Band with its auxiliaries, the UWA cheerleaders and members of the UWA football team.

Last year the bonfire was lit two days early, so the fire department was called out just after midnight to put the blaze out. This year, however, the only job the job the Livingston Fire Department had was to be on scene to light the bonfire and keep the flames controlled.

“The bonfire is my favorite homecoming tradition here,” sophomore Lauren Dunkin said. “It’s like my hometown football traditions carried on to college with me.”

The UWA Scarlet Band played some classic songs such as “Go Big Red” as well as a couple of songs from this year’s halftime show. The UWA cheerleaders also performed several cheers such as their well known “A-L-A (West Alabama)” cheer.

Sparks began flying with the fireworks show immediately following the bonfire pep rally. After the bonfire and fireworks show the UWA Campus Activities Board hosted a paint party through Glowrage at Lake LU.

“I love Glowrage,” senior Will Tucker said. “This is the second time we’ve had them on campus since I’ve been here, and they are always some of the best events CAB holds.”

Debate or Roast?

The recent presidential debates have been drawing the attention of the media and UWA students alike.

With a rising concern over who will be our next President of the United States, students are tuning in to see just what each candidate has to say regarding their policies and ideals they express during the broadcasted debates.

“I hate the fact that the candidates spend more time degrading each other rather than talking about what they can do for the country,” said Zachary Wilson, a senior marketing major.

Students seeking to educate themselves on who they should vote for during this election often turn to these debates to help determine who gets their tally. Although, according to Wilson, it seems that students aren’t hearing as much about policies and strategies for the betterment of our country as they would hope.

Logan Scott, a senior from Butler, said that she personally thinks the second debate was boring and showed that Hillary Clinton is still a “Liar.”

Students seem to show an interest in who they think win the debates and how the candidates go about addressing media scandals linked to their name.

“I thought Trump did very well in explaining the incident that happened 11 years ago and apologizing for it. I think Trump won this debate,” Scott said.

Theses debates are important for students because they allow students to observe how the candidates interact with one another and the ways in which they go about addressing the concerns of the country. It also allows students to hear what each candidate has to say about their plans for the country if they were to be elected.

Though it seems both candidates spent majority of this debate degrading one another, the debates still provide a way for Americans to see just who we have fighting for a spot in the Oval Office.

Hurricane Matthew Hits Close to Home

Hurricane Matthew crashed into the home state of many UWA students from Florida Friday. With pouring rain, raging winds and rising flood waters, Hurricane Matthew isn’t a strong as it was when it first hit Haiti last week. Nevertheless, the impact the hurricane made on those here in Livingston with loved ones in the heart of the storm is one of deep concern.

Karissa Solarzano, a junior from Saint Cloud, a town 20 minutes from Orlando, expressed her concerned during the days before the storm hit.

“My main concerns were the safety of my family and how [the storm] will effect their living situation,” Solarzano said.

According to cnn.com, Hurricane Matthew is now a post-tropical cyclone and is responsible for the death of at least 17 people in the United States.

“My main concerns are the lives of the people, the schools, the buildings, and the houses that can be damaged by the wind and flooding,” said Chris Searcy, a sophomore from Pensacola. “Luckily, [my family members] are pretty far away from the hurricanes but the water looked effected by the hurricane because it was rough and turbid.”

The storm made quite an impact on the countries it hit before touching down in the land of the free, with a death number of over 800 in countries like Haiti.

Luckily, the families of these two students were not harmed during the storm. Both students expressed a sense of gratitude over the safety of their loved ones during this time.

“Some people stay home during hurricanes thinking they aren’t going to be serious, when they really are,” Searcy said. “ I never realized how much it floods until hurricane Ivan hit our house in 2004.”

As the storm makes it’s way to South Carolina, we can only hope for the safety of all of those impacted by the storm.

Homecoming Events

The University of West Alabama has announced all homecoming activities that will be held on-campus, which is set to be held Oct. 3 – 8.

Homecoming activities begin Monday, Oct. 3 at Casino Night hosted by Campus Activities Board. Students will get a chance to interact will peers while having good clean fun. Students will have to opportunity to win Tiger Bucks. Games such as Blackjack, Texas hold ’em, Craps, and many more. This activity will be hosted at the Student Union Building starting at 7PM.

Wednesday, Oct. 5, the annual Serendipity talent show will take place. The talent show will begin at 7PM. Students have the chance to compete for monetary prizes ranging from $500 to $1000. The winners will gain bragging rights for the year. There has been in a change to this year’s Serendipity. This year there will no longer be multiple categories. This year there will only be 1st through 3rd place winners.  In the previous years the homecoming queen would be announced at Serendipity, but this year the students, faculty, and staff will have to wait.  This year the talent show also has a location change, Lyon Hall Quad. Admission is free, but students are required to present their Tiger cards.

Thursday, Oct 6, the Scarlet Band from Tiger Land, UWA cheerleaders, UWA football team, and LUie will be at the intramural field celebrating with a bonfire and pep rally. This event takes place at 8PM. Following the bonfire, Campus Activities Board will host a band party at Lake LU.

Saturday, Oct. 3 Homecoming festivities continues, with the parade. The parade will take place downtown Livingston. The parade will begin at 1 PM. The Parade will consist on of UWA students and organization and special guest.

The family-friendly Homecoming festivities continue will tailgating. Several organizations, families, and students will be set up to tailgate. This year SGA included a new area to tailgate at. The field between Lyon Hall and Bibb Graves, the smaller part of the field closet to Tiger Stadium along with the area in front of the campus school.

West Alabama and Delta State at 4PM at Tiger Stadium. The homecoming court will be presented at halftime and the UWA Homecoming Queen will be revealed. The homecoming queen candidates are Tiffany Willis, Tranquil Shepard, Sherrel Keith, Savannah Reach, and Callie Murphy.

The UWA Bookstore will be open so that all fans can purchase their favorite UWA tiger gear.

For more information about UWA’s 2016 homecoming events, contact any SGA member or Jason Gardener, Director of Student Activites.

Reasons Why A Soda Was More Entertaining Than “The Wild Life”

A story of friendship, loss, and having to carry on through hardships without those that have passed sounds like it could be interesting. Unfortunately, that is not the story one gets when watching “The Wild Life.”

However, it is one that was experienced when I watched the movie.

“The Wild Life,” also known as “Robinson Crusoe” outside of North America, is a movie about a group of wild animals on an island going about their lives when a man, his pet dog, and two evil cats become shipwrecked in a storm and arrive on the small, peaceful island.

The man, named Robinson Crusoe, does his best to try and survive on the island while the animals observe him from a distance.

Believing him to be a sea monster, two cats use their fears and trick them into trying to attack and chase of Crusoe while the felines got aboard the ship’s wreckage to attack one of the island’s inhabiting animals, a parrot, and Crusoe’s pet dog.

The short, conflict that mostly involves the parrot running and the dog flinging the cats around, ends with the dog becoming trapped and getting blown up once a barrel of gunpowder catches fire.

This story is comparable to my own experience when I went to the theater and saw this movie. I took my seat with my faithful companion, a nice, delicious cup of soda. However, like Crusoe, I did not expect such a terrible circumstance to befall upon me.

Unfortunately, once I was aware of what I had gotten myself into, I was already too far out into the sea to escape.

While I managed to survive, I felt a deep sorrow wash over me. As the movie continued, I realized that the drink which had kept me sane through this mind-numbingly dull movie, was empty.

Mourning the loss of this faithful companion, I had to continue on without him. However, this is where the likeness with Crusoe ends.

While I had to press on alone, Crusoe was immediately befriended by the local animals of the island, and seemed to get over the loss of his dog almost instantly.

In fact, it is almost as if the dog never actually existed in the first place. The faithful and loving pet is never mentioned again after it dies and Crusoe gives it a funeral, and its death seems to have little to no effect on the overall plot or characters.

I suppose killing off the dog companion is fine in a kid’s movies, but adding some form of gravity to it is asking a lot of the writers.

This is just one example in how “The Wild Life” is a movie in which everything that could be poorly written is made such.

The film’s characters have hopes, dreams, and world-views that they are willing to simply drop at any given notice.

For instance, one such character, a small bird named Kiki, is skeptical about Crusoe even when everyone else is trusting him, not wanting their perfect paradise to be ruined.

However, she has no problem just going along with what the others are doing and pitches in help Crusoe with construction of his new home and strange water systems.

Along with a lack of a decent story being told, even the action scenes in the movie fail to redeem it, as they elicit no form of excitement or tension, instead just being animals chasing other animals through pretty locations.

In fact, I felt more tension when I heard the dreadful slurping sound, signaling that my drink was now empty and that I was all on my own for the remainder of this journey.

While many others forget about you and pretend like your sacrifice meant nothing, like how “The Wild Life” treated Crusoe’s pet dog, I will continue to remember your passing my soda.

You helped me through a movie that had a weak story, boring action sequences, terribly written characters, and an ending in which almost nothing changed and status quo on the island was maintained.

The Wild Life” is playing in the University Cinema from September 30 – October 6.

It’s the Start of the Soccer Season

Back to back Gulf State Conference champions, the University of West Alabama Men’s soccer team got a win after a losing start to their upcoming season.

The West Alabama Tigers took on the Louisiana College Wildcats Wednesday at Tiger Stadium. The Tigers came out victorious with an eight-one win.

“I think the upcoming season will be successful based on the hard work and dedication put into preseason,” Trigg Langner, a sophomore player from Birmingham, Alabama said.

The Tigers have had two months of preseason to prepare for their upcoming conference matches.

Harrison Roberts, a sophomore from Liverpool, England, said that the pre season ranking as a favorite to win the conference puts a lot of pressure on the team as a whole.

“ I feel the core talent this year’s team holds, followed by the passion the lads are starting to show in the last couple games reassure me that this season will be more successful than the last and cannot wait to see what the future holds for the team,” Roberts said.

In their preseason opener, the team suffered a loss to the University of Montevallo Falcons, a team that has not beaten the Tigers in over three years according to Phillips.

According to head coach Matthew Thorne, the Men’s soccer team is running on it’s fourth year of the program, and the team hopes to continue to make a name for itself as the season progresses.

“We are looking to win the Gulf South Conference for the third year in a row,” Liam Ireland, a starting player from Scotland said. “It has taken a few weeks for us to sort ourselves out, but we will be ready for the season opener against Mississippi College”

The first official Gulf South Conference game for the UWA Men’s soccer team was at 7 p.m. yesterday against the Mississippi College Choctaws at Tiger Stadium.


The 2016 Presidential Debate and College Students

Out of all of the questions answered, or danced around, during Monday nights Presidential debate, the main one for college students around the nation has to be how the new president will affect them.

The past two presidential elections are one that some of today’s college students weren’t even old enough to participate in. In the year of the early stages of twitter and Instagram, American citizens gathered at the poll and elected Barack Obama as the nation’s president.

Luckily enough, Obama was voted president the following year for his second consecutive term.

Now, in the year 2016, college students everywhere will gather to cast their ballot for the new president of the United States of America. For most college students, attending a university out of their home state is nothing new.

For some, this can present a problem when it comes time to vote in November. No fear college students, there is a wonderful option called absentee voting that can help you make sure your vote counts.

There are a few requirements for absentee voting that all students who will not be in their home county should be aware of. Voters may cast an absentee ballot if he or she:

  • Will be absent from the county on election day
  • Is ill or has a physical disability that prevents a trip to the polling place
  • Is a registered voter living outside of their county, such as a member of the armed forces, a voter employed outside the United States, a college student, or a spouse or child of such a person
  • Is an appointed election officer or poll watcher at a polling place other than his or her regular polling place
  • Works a required shift, 10-hours or more, that coincides with polling hours

To obtain an absentee ballot, write or visit the local Absentee Election Manager, request an absentee ballot, and provide the following:

  • Name and residential address (or other such information in order to verify voter registration)
  • Election for which the ballot is requested
  • Reason for absence from polls on election day
  • Party choice, if the election is a party primary. (It is not necessary to give a party choice for a general election; however, in a party primary a voter may participate in only one political party’s primary; thus a choice must be designated so that the appropriate ballot can be provided. If the voter declines or fails to designate a choice for a primary or primary runoff ballot, the absentee election manager may send only the ballot for constitutional amendments.)
  • Address to which the ballot should be mailed
  • Voter signature (If a mark is made in place of a signature, it must be witnessed)

If the absentee ballot application is approved, the Absentee Election Manager will:

  • Forward the absentee ballot by U.S. Mail, or
  • Personally hand the absentee ballot to the voter (or to a designee in the case of emergency voting)

The absentee ballot comes with three envelopes. These include one plain (the secrecy envelope), one with an affidavit, or oath, printed on the outside, and one plain envelope, preaddressed (the outer envelope). Once the voter casts the ballot, the procedure is as follows:

  • Seal the ballot in the plain envelope
  • Place the plain envelope inside the accompanying affidavit envelope
  • Seal the affidavit envelope and complete the affidavit that is on the outside of the envelope
  • Sign the affidavit and have the signature witnessed by either a notary public or two witnesses 18 years of age or older
  • Place the affidavit envelope and a COPY of voter identification inside the outer envelope
  • Remember to place a photo copy of your I.D. inside the outer envelope

Remember that your vote counts and it is important to register to vote. Presidential elections affect everyone, not only those in the United States. It is important to stay current and informed so that you can make the appropriate and educated choice when casting your vote.